Sunday, July 3, 2011

Night With the Frogs

    A friend of mine and I were talking and started discussing sin. Not an abnormal topic, we are both Christians. And the question was asked, when a Christian friend willingly and knowingly sins. And you have gone to them Biblicaly and talked to them and they still choose to continue, with the "intent" to stop, but...not just yet.
    It reminds me of the song sung by Mark Rogers ( called "One More Night With the Frogs" I have heard him sing this song since I was 17 and it is a fun song and I got it and understood what he was saying in the song. But yesterday it became so very real to me that that is what so many Christians do is excuse what they are doing wrong with reasons, explanations and whatever else they can come up with to make it ok to do what they want for now even though it is sin. Fully expecting to ask God to forgive them for it later and move on with no consequences, as if the slate were now wiped clean. But God says that our sins will find us out and we will pay for them. Here or in Heaven, eventually they cause hurt and pain not just for us but for so many around us that we later are broken hearted when we see how far the ripples in the pool have spread from our lives into the lives of those we love. But by then, it is too late and we have to live with it.
    So please don't, as Mark Rogers so eloquently puts it in his song, choose to spend "One More Night With the Frogs".

The last part of the song says:  One more night with the stinkin' frogs, one more night in sin! I had a terrible time with them last night, but I just gotta' do it again! You know it will always be a puzzle to me and I guess it's all because, they could of had peace, rest, and sleep, but chose one more night with the frogs.

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